Keep Your Engine Cool with Coolant Flush Services at Roper Mitsubishi

If there's one thing you want to avoid, it's an overheating engine. When your engine overheats, the system can cause significant damage to your vehicle and even total it in some scenarios - an expensive issue best to avoid. Thankfully, many services your engine requires can be simple and easy to handle, like coolant flush service. The team at Roper Mitsubishi can help you take care of simple maintenances and more in-depth repairs, getting you back on the road in no time!

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What is a Coolant Flush and Why Do I Need It?

A coolant flush preserves your car's health and can restore more function to the tempering agents in your engine. The process involved removing dirt, debris, rust, and sludge from your cooling system and inspecting various parts for any decline. A coolant flush will also empty all of the used coolant material from your radiator and replace it with fresh coolant. Without routine coolant service, your engine's performance can decline and even stop working, leading to expensive repairs that are easily avoided.

Signs You Need a Coolant Flush

Your coolant system won't just fail without any warning. There are signs you can look for to determine when you need a coolant flush. These signs include:

  • Engine Overheating
  • Check Engine Light is On
  • Age of Vehicle is Over Five Years

Should you have any of these occur, we recommend reaching out to us as soon as possible.

How to Change Your Coolant

While our service experts are always happy to get you in for a service appointment, you can certainly change your coolant at home in a few quick steps. Make sure you have fresh coolant and the necessary tools before you get started, including an air compressor, drain pan, and tools you'll need through the process.

The steps are as follows:

  • Ensure the Engine is Cold and the Handbrake is Applied before Starting
  • Raise the Front of Your Vehicle on a Jack
  • Put the Jack Stands Underneath and Lower It into Position, Ensuring the Back Wheels Have Chocks in Place
  • Remove any Underbody Shielding
  • Place a Container Beneath the Radiator and Undo the Drain Valve
  • Flush the System as Many Times as Necessary to Completely Empty It of Coolant
  • Locate and Remove the Reserve Tank from Its Holder and Drain Any Remaining Coolant, Then Put the Tank Back in Place
  • Replace the Drain Valve
  • Refill the System to the Base of the Filler Neck with Proper Antifreeze

Reach out to us today if you have any questions about the services your vehicle needs!


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