Have Your Battery Tested & Replaced at Our Mitsubishi Service Center in Joplin, MO

Fourstates motorists must make sure they can start their car consistently. Make sure your car battery is working with quality battery service from Roper Mitsubishi. By testing your battery and providing OEM replacements, our Mitsubishi service center in Joplin, MO provides peace of mind each time you put the keys in the ignition. Get your battery swapped and replaced at Roper Mitsubishi!

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Why Battery Service Is Important

The battery is your vehicle's main power source, providing the charge that Pittsburg motorists need to start their vehicle after converting chemical energy into electrical energy.

It's important for Joplin drivers to have their car battery inspected twice a year. Bring any make or model to our Mitsubishi service center in Joplin, MO, where our certified service technicians use advanced diagnostics to test the battery and get a voltage reading. They'll use the information to determine the battery's current health and remaining lifespan. If necessary, we'll provide an OEM replacement battery that is model-specific.

Signs Your Battery Should Be Tested or Replaced

Starting Trouble:

Springfield, MO motorists may have trouble starting their car, particularly on cold winter days or in the summer heat and humidity. Your battery may be failing if the ignition makes a clicking sound and there is a slow engine crank or sluggish starting cycle.

Damaged Battery:

Neosho drivers need to inspect their battery and make sure the case isn't cracked, swollen, or damaged, as this can lead to leaking battery acid. Check for corrosion or stained battery terminals, too.

Light Check!:

Are your lights dim as you drive down Joplin streets? Is your Mitsubishi's cabin not lit up? Electrical issues are a telltale sign of battery problems. If your headlights are going out, they may not be getting power from the battery. Always monitor your battery light or check engine light for potential alerts.

Battery DIY Info

Our factory-trained technicians specialize in battery replacement service, but a battery swap can be a DIY project for Southwest Missouri motorists.

Start by disconnecting the car battery terminals - negative first, then positive - with a socket wrench. Once you remove the dead car battery, clean the battery terminals to remove corrosion. Place the new battery with the proper terminals, starting with positive, then negative. Your battery swap is complete once you use a wrench to secure the battery by tightening the terminals. Close the hood and start up your Mitsubishi to test the new battery that you buy from the Roper Mitsubishi parts center!

How Often Does My Car Battery Need to Be Replaced?

No battery will last Neosho drivers forever. Most will serve your Mitsubishi or another model for three to four years, though some batteries will provide power for six years. Missouri's heat and humidity, along with the cold, can shorten the battery lifespan.

Schedule Battery Service Online

When your car is struggling to start, bring it to Roper Mitsubishi for battery service. Don't forget to utilize our pick-up and delivery service! Joplin drivers can also schedule a battery service appointment online. We help Carthage customers save by providing replacement battery discounts with our Mitsubishi service specials!


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