Pre-Owned ATVs, Campers and Other Miscellaneous Rides

Check Out Our Pre-Owned Campers, ATVs, and Other Miscellaneous Items

When you visit Roper Mitsubishi, you can find a wide variety of new and pre-owned vehicles that you're sure to love. However, we know that not everyone is looking for a sedan or SUV.

If you're looking for a miscellaneous vehicle or non-vehicle addition to your driveway, then you're in luck. Our dealership provides Joplin drivers with a wide variety of miscellaneous and non-vehicle items for you to browse. Stop by today to find something to make your life in Joplin more exciting!


Looking for something to bring the whole family along on your weekend getaways? While a new Mitsubishi SUV can certainly provide great performance and plenty of room for the whole family, many Joplin residents love the utility and convenience that comes with a camper. When you tow a camper along to your favorite campsites, you and your family can enjoy the typical amenities of your home while exploring the pleasures of the outdoors.


Calling all thrill-seekers! If you're ready to feel the wind in your air, then there's no better feeling than hitting your favorite trails in an ATV. Depending on the size and speed, ATVs can be good for adults as well as children. Be sure to look through our inventory and talk to our salespeople to find the pre-owned ATV that suits you and your family!

Other Available Items

Whether you want a pre-owned miscellaneous vehicle or non-vehicle item to have some fun or to make your life more convenient, you can find something that's right for you at Roper Mitsubishi. Jet-skis, compact tractors, trailers, personal watercrafts, motorbikes, and more have all been on our lot at one time or another!

Stop by Today!

At Roper Mitsubishi, you don't need to be searching for a new sedan or SUV to visit our dealership. Browse our inventory to find the miscellaneous vehicle or non-vehicle item that's right for you!

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