While the automotive market is beginning to focus on producing electric vehicles over the next two decades, there are many people still dealing with gas-powered vehicles. If you are one of these people, you likely want to increase your vehicle's fuel economy. No vehicle is perfect, and fuel economy could always be better.

How to Increase Fuel Economy

Surprisingly, there are many ways to increase your fuel economy around Joplin, regardless of the vehicle you are driving. Many factors lower your fuel economy that you may not realize at first. One factor is what's in your trunk. The more items you have stowed away will lower your fuel economy, so take some items to raise it. Another way is to inflate your tires. Fully inflated tires give your vehicle a much easier time on the road and a much easier time raising your fuel economy by around 25%. Similarly, when you drive on the highway, make sure to coast at around 60 mph, as every five mph above that can lower your fuel economy significantly. If you drive an older vehicle, consider also changing out your air filter.

What Doesn't Help Increase Your Fuel Economy

It's important to recognize that there are also things that don't increase your fuel economy around Neosho. For one, fuel additives don't help as much as you think they do. While they can still help clean out the fuel injectors and other areas, modern gasoline already has the necessary ingredients to help increase its fuel economy. Similarly, premium fuel doesn't really help either. The only raising premium gas will do is raise your gas bill. And, finally, turning off your A/C will not help raise your fuel economy. They have in the past, but they will have no effect on modern vehicles.

The Importance of Servicing Your Vehicle

The overall best way to improve your fuel economy, and keep your vehicle running, is to have it serviced. Bringing in your vehicle for service can often feel overwhelming or too much of a burden. Yet, service is still important to the health of your vehicle. There are a few ways we've done scheduling service and receiving it much easier. For one, you can schedule service online instead of waiting on the phone. Simply navigate to the online form and fill out the service you require, information about your vehicles, and the time and date for your appointment.

We also provide pickup and delivery service appointments around Webb City. Simply schedule your appointment and choose to have your vehicle picked up. We will bring it back to our shop to have it serviced, and once complete, we will deliver it back to you. You don't even need to leave your house.

Where to Find Parts for Replacement

What if you need to replace a part in your car? Visit our parts shop online. Here, we sell the parts you need to make sure your vehicle stays in top shape. You can even request a part using the form on our genuine Mitsubishi parts page. Simply enter in your contact information, your vehicle information, and the part you need. Are you unsure what part your vehicle needs? Get in touch with us so that we can learn more about your vehicle's situation and make suggestions.

Come to Us for Help

If you are having trouble raising your fuel economy, then come to us near Carthage. We can help you out by servicing your vehicle, as well as suggesting ways to improve efficiency.

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